Time’s Up

-by Rinisha Pillai


Through this article, I would like your minds to ponder over a certainly disturbing issue, often being overlooked by the majority of Indian population.
The purpose of choosing feminism as a topic for my article is to revoke and resolve the conflicts I have in my mind. The hope of changing this brutal reality for the next generation is also one of the driving forces because :
Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of all, and no good thing ever dies. – From “The Shawshank Redemption”

Getting into the issue, I’d like to put forward the inference I made from my experience, about the kind of image ‛she’ has made in the eyes of him. We realise that when a girl child/woman is educated, an entire family becomes educated. Education gives an individual an opportunity to realise of his/her choices in life, which is HUGE. When I say ‛we’ I’m referring to the educated, grateful sections of the society. It’s tremendously significant what that we do educate them including reducing female infanticide, genital mutilation, misogyny, and child labour. Current need of the hour is to stop harassment, abuses and rapes. We could do so by amendments and taking a few initiatives on our levels to let the girl child live how she deserves to live.

It’s important to understand that standing along with the allegations against any victim and punishing the guilty right, could totally change the situation for the good of humanity.


– The sooner it is realised, the better.


Symbolic significance

Reasons may vary. Probably due to lack of proper parenting; which amazingly is given to most of the women, these dominating creatures might have faced hardships on their own; but that doesn’t justify to be the reason for not awaiting a consent prior. Most of them might consider, deep in their minds and hearts, being a man is a privilege which authenticates every dominating and brutal action they wish to take. Let’s together annihilate this and create a sense of ambiguity in them.
Quintessentially, Sweden and Norway and many of the countries have done this, converted feminism from a dream into a reality. India still dreams of it, to make it a reality we are only a step away. Together ae could do this and do this NOW, cause TIME’S UP. Unfortunately, we couldn’t live upto the dreams of the Missile Man of 2020; though we CAN take initiatives for this. The way individuals are brought up largely determines their character. It seems India is still, even in the 21st century, a male dominating nation where rapes are an everyday-occurring ignored event. Again- reasons are several, like vengeance, domination, revenge, envy, sexism, etc but depending on who suffers, our society starts making allegations which scandalizes the issue far off than what is was.
So what we can do is instead of ignorance and being mum about it (Because most of the people consider feminism to feminine, which is a myth. All men should unite to achieve this glory, surrendering what they believe is a so-called ‛privilige’). This is not an article begging for equal or rather favouring females more than males.

It’s about realising the real need of the hour – being true feminist and eradicating the myths from their deepest roots. We should stop stimulating hate, rather we must spread love, support and be brave. Especially to women, my message is; we all are brave and courageous, so the next step is to interrupt them when they dare abuse, give a badeye, harass and enlighten them by letting them see your true eternal feminine glow, which is the strongest anything could ever be.

“Being a feminist; is not about being a crybaby and demanding special privileges, it is about gracefully accepting equal treatment as humans and not as glittering toys.”


I hereby certify that the above work is completely original.





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