How to Write a  Short Story  that Works

It is far better, I suggest, to use the technique which I shall describe to you in this book. If you do, you will always have available to you a procedure which will bring out and develop such possibilities as are inherent in your original idea.

Mastering Tennis

Discover the untold winning strategies and techniques.

How to Make A Perfect First Date

Discover strategies to make your first date a memorable one

Art Of Discovering Harmful Friends

“you’ve been companions with them for so long that you truly can’t give up now, despite the fact that they make you hopeless”
How to know that your friend is harmful and how to dump them.


Don‘t spend major time with minor people. Minor people, will reduce your value until they reduce you to nothing but like them 5 years from now.
The best place to invest your money is not in real estate, it’s not in a business, it’s IN YOURSELF. When you invest in yourself, be assured of 100% returns.
What Your School, Parents and Teachers Never taught you about Money, Time and Freedom