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Yet Another Adult Erotica



Well, yet another erotica!


Sisters in Love

Snow Sisters, Book One

Love in Bloom Series

Melissa Foster





Chapter One

The line in the café went all the way to the door. Danica Snow wished she hadn’t taken her sister Kaylie’s phone call before getting her morning coffee. Living in an overcrowded tourist town could be a major inconvenience, but Danica loved that she could walk from her condo to her office, see a movie, have dinner, or even stop at a bookstore without ever sitting in a car. Every minute counted when you lived in Allure, Colorado, host to an odd mix of hippie and yuppie tourists in equal numbers. The ski slopes brought them in the winter, while art shows drew them in the summer. There was never a break. Every suit and Rasta child in town was standing right in front of her, waiting for their coffee or latte, and the guy ahead of her had shoulders so wide she couldn’t easily see around him. Danica tapped the toe of her efficient and comfortable Nine West heels, growing more impatient by the second.

What on earth was taking so long? In seven minutes they’d served only one person. The tables were pushed so close to the people standing in line that she couldn’t step to the side to see. She was gridlocked. Danica leaned to the right and peered around the massive shoulder ahead of her just as the owner of that shoulder turned to look out the door. Whack! He elbowed her right in the nose, knocking Danica’s head back.

Her hand flew to her bloody nose. “Ow! Geez!” She ducked in pain, covering her face and talking through her hands. “I think you broke my nose.” Each word sent pain across her nose and below her eyes.

“I’m so sorry. Let me get you a napkin,” a deep, worried voice said.

Two patrons rushed over and shoved napkins in her direction.

“Are you okay?” an older woman asked.

Tears sprang from the corners of Danica’s closed eyes. Damn it. Her entire day would now run late and she probably looked like a red-nosed, crying idiot. “This hurts so bad. Weren’t you looking where—” Danica flipped her unruly, brown hair from her face and opened her eyes. Her venom-filled glare locked on the man who had elbowed her—the most beautiful specimen of a human being she had ever seen. Oh shit. “I’m…What…?” Come on, girl. Get it together. He’s probably an egomaniac.

“I’m so sorry.” His voice was rich and smooth, laden with concern.

A thin blonde grabbed his arm and shoved a napkin into his hand. “Give this to her,” she said, blinking her eyelashes in a come-hither way.

The man held the woman’s hand a beat too long. “Thanks,” he said. His eyes trailed down the blonde’s blouse.

Really? I’m bleeding over here.

He turned toward Danica and handed her the napkin. His eyes were green and yellow, like field grass. His eyebrows drew together in a serious gaze, and Danica thought that maybe she’d been too quick to judge—until he stole a glance at the blonde as she walked out of the café.

Asshole. She felt the heat of anger spread up her chest and neck, along her cheeks, to the ridge of her high cheekbones. She snagged the napkin from his hand and wiped her throbbing nose. “It’s okay. I’m fine,” she lied. She could smell the minty freshness of his breath, and she wondered what it might taste like. Danica was not one to swoon—that was Kaylie’s job. Get a grip.

“Can I at least buy you a coffee?” He ran his hand through his thick, dark hair.

Yes! “No, thank you. It’s okay.” She had been a therapist long enough to know what kind of guy eyes another girl while she was tending to a bloody nose that he had caused. Danica fumbled for her purse, which she’d dropped when she was hit. She lowered her eyes to avoid looking into his. “I’m fine, really. Just look behind you next time.” Not for the first time, Danica wished she had Kaylie’s flirting skills and her ability to look past his wandering eyes. She would have had him buying her coffee, a Danish, and breakfast the next morning.

Danica was so confused, she wasn’t even sure what she wanted. She chanced another glance up at him. He was looking at her features so intently that she felt as though he were drinking her in, memorizing her. His eyes trailed slowly from hers, lowered to her nose, to her lips, and then settled on the beauty mark that she’d been self-conscious of her entire life. She felt like a Cindy Crawford wannabe. Danica pursed her lips. “Are you done?” she asked.

He blinked with the innocence of a young boy, clueless to her annoyance, which was in stark contrast to his confident, manly presence. He stood almost a foot taller than Danica’s impressive five foot seven stature. His chest muscles bulged beneath his way-too-small shirt, dark curls poking through the neckline. He probably bought it that way on purpose. She glanced down and tried not to notice his muscular thighs straining against his stonewashed denim jeans. Danica swallowed hard. All the air suddenly left her lungs. He was touching her shoulder, squinting, evaluating her face.

“I’m sorry. I was just making sure it didn’t look broken, which it doesn’t. I’m sure it’s painful.”

She couldn’t think past the heat of his hand, the breadth of it engulfing her shoulder. “It’s okay,” she managed, hating herself for being lost in his touch when he was clearly someone who ate women for breakfast. She checked her watch. She had three minutes to get her coffee and get back to her office before her next client showed up. Belinda. She’d love this guy.

The line progressed, and Adonis waved as he left the café. Danica reached into her purse to pay for her French vanilla coffee and found herself taking a last glance at him as he passed the front window.

The young barista pushed Danica’s money away. “No need, hon. Blake paid for yours.” She smiled, lifting her eyebrows.

“He did?” Blake.

“Yeah, he’s really sweet.” The barista leaned over the cash register. “Even if he is a player.”

Aha! I knew it. Danica thrust her shoulders back, feeling smart for resisting temptation.

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Best Seller Erotica (18+ only!) : PART 2



Here I will present you one best seller erotica of all time. But be cautious! If you are not above 18 years old then skip this…



Just One Night

 Lexi Ryan




Chapter One


Only one woman could make Chase Montgomery consider getting naked and horizontal in a choir loft. From the moment Addison Duval stepped out of her custom-painted hot pink Corvette and onto the steps of the Decadence Creek Township Baptist Church, he could think of little else.

The woman had the gravitational pull of the sun and was just as hot.

And just as lethal.

He made it through the wedding and as far as the reception without submitting to the urge to pin her up against the nearest wall, to feel those curves pressed against him, to take that mouth.

Once, those full, pouty lips had begged him for everything he wanted to do to her.

Because he was a man, he’d wanted to take her up on her offer. Because he was ten years her senior and a fucking masochist, he’d refused.

Chase stood at the bar with three of Addison’s four older brothers while the fourth made the rounds with his new wife. Dinner was over, liquor was flowing, and dancing was in full swing.

“My sister’s back in town,” Jake, the oldest Duval brother, said, nodding to Addison across the dance floor.

Chase raised a brow at his friend. “I saw that,” he said, thinking, a couple hours ago.

The doors of the Duvals’ repurposed barn sat open, allowing in the late May breeze. A crap-ton of lights and white fluffy shit hung from the rafters. Despite the couple’s insistence that they wanted a casual affair, Mrs. Duval had brought in every white flower in the tri-state area, contracted some five-star Louisville catering service, and hired all the staff from out of town so the locals could attend the Decadence Creek event of the year.

“I wish she’d stick around for awhile,” Kaleb Duval grumbled. “Get mom off our backs.”

Alex, Kaleb’s twin, grinned. “She just wants us to ‘Find nice girls who can have my grandbabies,’” he said in a said in a falsetto imitation of his mom.

Chase peeled his eyes off Addison’s fuckme heels—he couldn’t be sure from this distance, but he would bet they were red. Red fuckme heels and miles of leg.

He clenched his hands, itching to touch. To strip her down to nothing but those shoes and explore every inch of her. And when his hands were satisfied, he’d start over again. With his mouth. With his tongue.

If the men around him knew the thoughts he was having about their baby sister, they’d pulverize him. Only reason he was still standing here tonight was that he’d never acted on his fantasies—a feat that felt more than a little superhuman tonight.

Addison’s laughter floated on the breeze and her face lit up with a smile. Shit. Red heels and legs he could resist, but that smile—

He was toast.

“God, that’d be great,” Jake said. “If Addy stuck around she’d inevitably start dating someone completely inappropriate.”

Kaleb laughed. “Like a Buddhist monk under a vow of celibacy.”

“Or an ‘adult cinema’ producer who likes to tell mom about Addy’s ‘untapped potential,’” Alex chimed in.

Or me, Chase thought.

“Mom would be so preoccupied we might get some peace,” Jake said.

Chase dragged his attention from Addison and looked at her brothers. “She’s not a kid anymore,” he pointed out, wishing the words felt more like the truth. Twenty-three was still way too young in his mind. “Shouldn’t much matter who she’s dating these days.”

The men burst into laughter, as if Chase had just cracked a genius one-liner.

“It will always matter to our father,” Jake said.

“I’m sure,” Chase muttered.

Addison’s father, Richard Duval, was Chase’s boss. Five years ago, Richard had given an ex-con a chance when he’d hired Chase to hone and build custom world-class muscle cars and sell them at a tidy profit. When you owed your life to your boss and had your dream job, it’d be one dumbass move to give it all up for a piece of ass.

Only Addison wasn’t just a piece of ass. Never had been. Not to Chase.

“How nice that Addison made it back for the wedding,” Emily Wright said, joining Chase and the brothers at the bar.

“Real nice,” Chase muttered, taking in Addison’s legs, her just-soft-enough thighs.

“Didn’t your mama teach you it’s not polite to escort one lady to a wedding and make eyes at another?” Emily asked him.

“Make eyes at who?” Jake punched Chase in the arm. “That’s my baby sister. Stop staring.”

Chase rubbed his bicep but didn’t bother taking his eyes off Addison. Addy. Sweet, young, smart, and so-fucking-sexy Addy.

As if sensing him, Addison turned and their eyes locked.

Her hair, the color of dark, rich honey, fell past her shoulders in fat curls, brushing over her bare skin. Her black dress hugged her curves and ended just low enough that her ass didn’t show, just high enough to make Chase have to work real hard not to think about the next few inches north.

In the two years since she’d picked up and left for Paris, Chase hadn’t forgotten her, hadn’t forgiven her, and hadn’t stopped wanting her.

Fuck, but he wasn’t prepared for this.

He pushed away from the wall. He needed some air.

He wove through the crowd, beer in hand. Before he realized what he’d done, he found himself five yards from Addison.

Gravitational pull of the sun, he reminded himself.

He stood rooted in place, unwilling to take a step closer, unable to take a step back.

She caught sight of him and treated him to a grin, the kind that changed her whole face and lit up the room like a thousand-watt bulb.

He wanted to kiss her so damn badly, his mouth went dry.

She smiled and gave a little wave.

Chase didn’t wave back but nodded toward the exit.

If you’re going to burn, might as well go down smiling.


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Best Seller Erotica (18+ only!) : PART 1

Here I will present you two best seller erotica of all time. But be cautious! If you are not above 18 years old skip this…


Diamond in the Rough

A.A. King






Chapter One


The phone rang shrilly, cutting through the night like a hot knife through butter.  Just hours before, Brian Russell had been wasting away another night watching television and drinking whiskey.  Most nights were spent like this for the thirty six year old detective.  He was married to his work and had no time for the finer things in life. 

What the fuck? He complained to no one in particular.  Many a good night’s sleep had been interrupted by his career.

Pushing the covers roughly from his body, he threw his legs over the side of the bed and snatched the ringing phone from its cradle, “Russell.”  He growled into the receiver.

“I will be there in thirty…tape off the scene and don’t let anyone in.” He ordered.

Brian rubbed his eyes and blinked furiously, trying to clear the feeling that they were full of sand.  He threw on his clothes and grabbed a soda out of the fridge before leaving for the crime scene. 

The night air was cool and Brian rolled down both windows of his truck and enjoyed the cool air on his skin.  It helped to wake up the still sleepy detective.  Coffee was what he really needed but he knew that it would be a while before he could get a cup. 

            The scene was littered with people in uniforms walking around trying to look busy.  The media had gathered outside the doors of the stately office complex and Brian had to push his way past them to enter the building.  Microphones were thrust into his face as reporters shouted out questions that he didn’t yet know the answers to.  Brian forced his way through the crowd and walked through the double door as he flashed his badge to the officer guarding the entrance.     “Keep them out!” He demanded as he pointed backward with his thumb.  There was no question that the young rookie knew what he was talking about and nodded as he squared his shoulders toward the entrance.

              “Jones, tell me what we have here.” Brian barked at the sergeant standing behind the yellow tape.

A white male in his late sixties who appeared to be working late.  There does not seem to be much evidence around here but the scene is all yours.  I am happy to not have to babysit the tape anymore.” 

              “Thanks Jones.  Can you see if you can find me a cup of coffee around here anywhere?”

              Russell ducked under the tape and walked through the door of the office.  On the door was a name tag for Charles Wingate. 

              Goddamn, this is going to be huge, Brian thought to himself.  Charles Wingate was the owner and patriarch of Wingate Drilling which happened to be one of the largest independent drilling companies in the South.  He was a millionaire several times over and that tended to complicate things. 

              Brian Russell’s brows furrowed together as he contemplated what lay ahead of him.  Any murder brought upheaval into the lives of the detectives investigating them, but the murder of someone wealthy added a whole different twist on an already difficult situation.  Everyone who knew the victim became a suspect because everyone had a common motive; money.

              “Jones, where’s my coffee?” Brian called out.  The sergeant walked briskly toward the detective with a Styrofoam cup in his hand.  Brian reached for it as steam billowed from the top of the cup.  Putting it to his lips, he took a sip and quickly pulled the cup from his lips.  It had burned him but was worth it considering how badly he needed the hot liquid. 

              “Have you found anything of use so far?” Sergeant Jones questioned.

              “I have not walked past the door yet.  The name on the entry caught my attention and I knew that this wasn’t going to be cut and dried.  We are going to need a photographer and finger print specialist in here ASAP.  This is going to be huge and we need to make sure that all of our I’s are dotted and our T’s are crossed.”

              “I can get a print specialist in here now and I will get my camera and be with you in a minute.”

              “Sounds good Jones.  Let’s get cracking so we can get this scene wrapped up before employees start coming in for work.”

              After finishing his cup of coffee, Brian walked into the office.  Aside from the desk, everything in the office looked pristine.  Nothing seemed out of place.  The desk was a different story.  A silver haired man lay with his head on it and a pool of blood soaking the papers underneath.  The desk looked to be very expensive.  Made of mahogany, it had ornate carvings running the length of the legs.  Blood had soaked them, but Brian could tell that they were very detailed.  Sergeant Jones followed behind him, snapping photographs when Brian pointed out something of interest.  The filing cabinet was opened and much of its contents spilled onto the ground.  A coffee cup was on the desk along with a crystal tumbler of brown liquid.

              “Where is the finger print technician?”  Brian said as he turned to Jones.

              “I am right here.” Chirped a mousy haired woman who looked to be no more than twenty.

              How did she get a job here?  She is just a kid!  She appeared to be far too excited to be at a murder scene for the detectives taste but he could not control who the lab sent over.

              “Please lift prints from the filing cabinet first and then try to pull some from the crystal tumbler.  Also, Jones, please make sure that the contents of the coffee pot, the cub and the tumbler to the lab for testing.”

              After walking through the remainder of the office building, Brian decided that the scene was contained to the office of Charles Wingate.  He waited until the coroner removed the body and ordered the scene to be cleaned up.  The employees would be getting there in the next two hours and Detective Brian Russell wanted to be prepared for their arrival.



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How To Reach Women Orgasm- Beginners Guide

How To Reach Orgasm
Few days back I had a night out with an woman of great intellect and wisdom. She is like my fiend, sorry, more than a mere friend. We had drinks, food, TV, Films and absolutely “what not”! She was at her age of 54. And, as obvious, as the night entered into its darkest phase we entered into the domain of sex talk (should I say sex, talk? oops! ). The below is what I learned. the excerpt of what she told me about woman orgasm. I prefer calling it “How To Reach Women Orgasm- Beginners Guide”. shhh… don’t tell her the “Beginners Guide” part… 
Hands down probably the most enjoyable, calming experiences you might have. It may take her more to get comfortable, and revved up. It’s not possible to expect ten minutes of oral sex particularly a half assed effort-to rock her world. Certainly every girl has another set of personal tastes, but when you stick to our step-by step guide, and steer clear of the oral sex prejudices women hate, you will probably give her the best oral of her life. First thing to know to go down on your woman is that if she is not relaxed, she is not going to enjoy it.

The woman can get extremely self conscious over the length of time it is going to bring them to orgasm, and when she feels like she is with some man that’s not in a rush, that’s incredibly sexy. Your partner likely knows the position that’s most secure for her to be in, but when she is open to suggestions, place a cushion under her butt to lift up the basin, which will give you great influence and make her feel wonderful. The wider she’s, the more of an opening you’ve to work with. That helps with the sensation. The man be comfortable overly.

The man might want to kneel on the bed with a pillow under his knees also, so he can only go to town. You have to start off in a teasing manner in the beginning. A little lick of the tongue going down and up is good, licking the upper thighs at first and after that slowly beginning to move down, gaining intensity and speed, she says. Listen Up. Probably the most crucial things you may do at this point read her body and by that, we mean monitor your breath, and pay attention to how she is moving her hips.

You need to learn how to listen to her body. If you’re not listening to how she is responding, you might as well only be jerking off in the corner. Do not be scared of breaking out the vibrator. It may be an invaluable tool to the art of oral. The average girl takes 20 minutes to climax from oral sex, so you are going to be there for some time. There is no shame in implementing the aid of a tried and true toy. Use something small and easily handled so you may still seem like you are in control, she says. Put the vibrator on the clitoral hood, then spend some time with the language in the labia area. The build upward should be like a crescendo. You have to start increasing pressure and increasing speed.

Some women may readily reach climaxes, but for others, having climaxes through sex calls for some sexual knowledge. Even the top sex position will not ensure orgasms through penetration without other excitement. It definitely could be done if you’re wanting the lady to get climax quickly. There is a greatest sex position that consistently successfully give a girlfriend an orgasm or multiple orgasms. Why? This position is the most erotic, most satisfying for both your partner and you. Women adore the way that it feels to have you pushing against her g spot. She loves how she may readily make an eye contact with you as well as touch your entire body.

Only for more satisfying sex encounters you could have your girlfriend to raise and fold her legs a bit. Almost all women find this position a lot more comfortable. It allows for a lot access to the vaginal and, consequently, both your partner and you will enjoy more intense stimulation. This simple change could have consequences on the way you both feel. So you see now how come the missionary position is looked upon as the ultimate sex position ever. If you just then add small quirks to the missionary position, you’ll see that the woman will unexpectedly find sex not only more pleasing, but also rather variant. Only to be on the safe side, make sure that she’s her climax before you enter her, just in case the position won’t bring her to orgasm.

The above was what she said to me. And my own experience is not very different from what she said. Timing is the hardest part in sex for men and that has to be mastered over time (The word ‘time’ is deceitful! Never think that you have 5 years to learn. Sometimes you may only have 4 minutes to learn and 25 minutes to apply! Also, different woman gets satisfied differently. Also the mood of her just before the intercourse matters heavily sometimes.). You have to be a keen observer in this case, I feel. By that, you will know your partner’s pleasure points and can combine acutely all the acts at proper time. And that is the sure ways for one or more successful and complete orgasm.
There are two basic types of vagina I have found (and searching for a third  type, if exists!). The first type has its orifice opening and inner vaginal wall strongly attached around your penis. That means after penetration your penis wall will feel the same pressure and friction along the whole length of your penis. This one is the most difficult type of vagina wall for men. Because you will feel more bite than the woman. So what is the trick? If you are experienced then it is ok. Your penis has become a stone-head-penis. You are not going to feel anything disastrous! But for the beginners, I will advice angular penetration. That means do not put your penis vertical towards the vagina, because that will give you unescapable arousal. Rather you put your penis at an angle towards the vagina. So feeling more pressure at left side (say) of penis but feeling less friction at right side (say) of the penis. That imbalance will give you a balance in your excitement! Believe me and try it now. The second type of vagina has its opening orifice very tight, like a small rubber band, but the inner wall is spongy and thus putting less pressure around the penis! In that case deep penetration is the key. Feel the heaviest friction on the back of your penis! Not on the head of the penis! The back part of the penis is obviously feels no excitement. And you are safe.  In both  the cases the woman does not understand anything different. it is all the same for the woman, but all the different for the man! Also remind yourself that proper timing , touch, eye contact, foreplay, toys play the major role in woman orgasm.And just don’t forget it.
Another important thing I would like to remind you is that, number of orgasm should be limited to the amount of excitement, for women. If the woman’s excitement is equivalent to 3 orgasm then giving her 5 orgasm is nothing but torture and cruelty. But women are usually very shy about that and they always give their partners the credit, but, please be assured that that is not ok for the women mind in long term! The mindset of the woman in this case is : my partner does not understand me fully, even after so many days. This is an alert sign for men. Or she may think in the pessimistic ways: I have not been able to make my partner happy. He needs more and I am not that capable of. This is an alert sign for women.
For the beginners I think you need a little bit more scientific knowledge for a better understanding of women sexual pleasure. So the following I am adding…



What is g-spot?

Dr. Victoria Zdrok says in a popular website:

Making her happy doesn’t always have to be a mystery. For years, the clitoris was considered the only trigger for the female orgasm. Alas, even finding the clitoris turned out to be a daunting task for many men, and things didn’t get any easier in 1950 when a physician by the name of Dr. Ernst Grafenberg found an even more mysterious female pleasure spot hidden within the vagina.

This area became popularized by sexologists in the 1980s as the “G-spot.” It turns out that stimulation of the G-spot produces a very powerful kind of female orgasm; and in some women, it even produces female ejaculation, colloquially known as “squirting.”

For both of these reasons, finding, stimulating and discovering how to master the woman’s G-spot has become, for both men and women, the Holy Grail of female pleasuring.

What exactly is the g-spot?

It is the bean-shaped, spongy tissue of the paraurethral gland, which is analogous to the male prostate. The actual area is only about the size of a quarter, but it feels rougher to the touch than the surrounding tissue. Because the G-spot is composed of erectile tissue, it swells up when blood rushes to it — especially if you learn how to master the woman’s G-spot effectively.

It is located about one to two inches back from the vaginal opening inside the front vaginal wall. The “front” wall is the wall of the vagina on the same side as her belly button.

The best way to find the g-spot

First of all, the G-spot is easiest to locate when a woman is sexually aroused, so don’t stint on your foreplay first. (You knew I would get that in!)

To locate and master the woman’s G-spot, face your partner while she is lying on her back and insert your index or long middle finger into her vagina as far as it will easily go. Then crook it up toward yourself in a “come hither” motion, sliding your fingertip along the top of the vagina until you find an area that is rougher than the rest of that vaginal wall. (Make sure you have your fingernails clipped short and buffed before you do this — sharp fingernails will definitely spoil the effort.) This rough or slightly ridged area is the “G-spot,” and touching it will often cause a woman to react with surprise or pleasure.

If you don’t get a reaction, here’s what you do to really master the woman’s G-spot…

If you don’t get a reaction, don’t be too shy to ask her if she feels especially sensitive when you touch what you think is the spot. You may need to use a fair amount of pressure to find the G-spot because it is located within, not on the outside of, the vaginal wall.

Sometimes it helps to use your other hand on the outside of the mons pubis (the hairy area above the pubic bone) to lightly massage the skin in the area where your crooked finger is touching to intensify the effect. And since not all women are G-spot sensitive, don’t get discouraged if you can’t get a special reaction.

While some women are capable of multiple orgasms with repetitive stimulation of the G-spot, others don’t get much of a feeling and some even feel discomfort from G-spot stimulation.

No worries — every woman will appreciate the attention and the effort! And while searching, you might discover other areas in her vagina that she responds to even more enthusiastically.

Tapping into love

The best way to manually stimulate the G-spot is with a firm “tapping” motion with your crooked finger. Some guys find it easier to stimulate the G-spot with various toys. Any dildo can be used for this, but the ones that are best suited for G-spot stimulation are hard and curved. Many are made specifically for G-spot stimulation, as their length, width and curve are specifically designed to take the “guesswork” out of G-spot stimulation.

Even women who do not enjoy manual stimulation of the G-spot may enjoy penile stimulation of the spot during intercourse. So, if your penis has a natural upward bend, you’ve got it made. Other men have to find positions that maximize penile contact with the front wall of the vagina. The “woman on top” positions and posterior (doggy style) positions are best for achieving that contact.

The only way to get G-spot stimulation in the missionary position is to prop her hips up with pillows (or with a special wedge known as “The Liberator”). Women can also intensify their ability to have G-spot orgasms by learning to contract their pelvic muscles, known as Kegel exercises.

Sex gets better with age

There is some evidence that the intensity of a woman’s G-spot orgasm is mediated by the hormone estrogen. Most young women under 30 find clitoral orgasms to be more powerful because, due to their relatively high estrogen levels, their vaginal lining becomes too thick to allow direct stimulation of their G-spot nerves.

As the estrogen level begins to decline in women during their 30s, the vaginal lining becomes thinner and the G-spot becomes more accessible. That’s why most women feel that they begin to peak sexually in their early to mid-30s.




The above is Dr. Victoria said, I have quoted her as she said.



So what about the sex positions?

That is really long story. I have been able to find out and discover umm… 35 different sex positions. I will explain all the pros and cons of all of them and my personal opinion in next post. With drawing.



You may also check this article as an additional source of information on  




The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana
















I am a neo expressionist.