Customer Penetration And Acquisition (CPA) Program


A highly curated page-blog-video combo to give you an edge over other competitors to achieve a very high customer penetration and acquisition.

Read below description to unlock the untold secret of business growth hack!  



Have you ever searched the internet using “hair dresser in kolaba” or “handmade jewellery in new town”?

What did you see in the search result?

Hundreds of Indiamart pages with boring listing of thousands of names without verification, right?
Most important question is, WERE YOU THERE, STANDING HIGH?
Did you find a curated high quality content about your business to convert the potential customer?

The answer is NO! Your business was mixed up with thousands of other similar businesses and there was no way to convert the searcher as your customer. You could not stand high in the competition!


In the same way above, most of the businesses are missing out crores of profits only because they could not stand at higher ground than others.

If you are a serious business, trying to expand by customer penetration and customer acquisition, then you are at the right place.

InnerToWords has brought to you 

Customer Penetration And Acquisition (CPA) 

program which will take your business to a higher ground than others. More and more people are nowadays opting for online orders and ecommerce. They also have become heavily dependant upon internet searches, to find out the best service they can avail. 

What if you have your own website?

That is not enough! Moreover, it can take your customers away! If your site does not appear in the first page of search engine results, if it does not load fast, does not look good, does not contain curated content, fail to give users a satisfaction of safe heaven, fails to convince the customer exactly why they should choose you then your reputation is at stake.

So what will get from our Customer Penetration And Acquisition (CPA) program?

  • A dedicated SEO optimized page for you or your business

    This single page contains keyword based description, service timings, features, specifics, contacts, images, video links, other links (eg, your own site), location details and many more. People can directly contact you from this page. You can also share the page link anywhere to anyone.
    This page is highly SEO optimized and fits for those who wants to make a strong apperance in the world of internet.
    This page is built for customer penetration.

  • A curated high quality comparative insightful blog post which is SEO optimized

    This blog post contains highly curated authoritative content to convince the reader to buy a service from you. It fairly and openly compares other similar businesses or individuals and reveals the superiority of you or your business over others. You can target a locality based business, can use this as an affiliate page, can put images or videos and many more.
    This blog post is for those who already have a presence in the internet and wants to take a decisive edge over other similar businesses. 
    This page is built for customer acquisition.

  • An YouTube video for your business content which will further enhance your superiority

    The YouTube video is the most useful content as of any search engines are associated. Even if any information is not available about you under certain condition, the YouTube video will be there to show. Besides that, nowadays the average tolerance time of a customer is very low and a YouTube video is the perfect means to put your class forward.
    We will make the YouTube video from the content that you provide. We will also add some more screens or texts to enhance the feeling and appeal. 

    This YouTube video if combined with the curated blog post and page, can give you a decisive victory over others and establishes your business as a next generation battle ready!  


So what is the cost?

We have 3 different plans.

  Starter Edge Decisive
Curated and customized page
Authoritative and comparative blog post ×
YouTube video × ×
Yearly Cost  USD 68/- USD 109/- USD 140/-


If you have any business or if you are an individual, it is highly recommended that you strengthen your footstep in the world of internet.
Even if you have your own website, this CPA program will help you to be found at the first page in search engine results as well as your website will also get a clear advantage of a high authority backlink from this site and eventually this will rank you higher in search engine results.


I have bought one package for CPA, now what?

Please allow us a 12 hours window to confirm the payment. We will get back to you with the details of CPA form you need to fillup and submit.


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