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If you’re the owner or custodian of a populated building, keeping the heating and hot water running is imperative. Don’t let the unpredictable be your undoing (and that includes the unpredictability of the British weather). Here are three reasons why you may need to secure the services of a boiler hire company to maintain continuity with regards to your hot water and heating provision.

System Malfunctions

There can be many unforeseen circumstances that can cause your boiler to malfunction and it is impossible to plan for something you don’t see coming. Or is it? Having a boiler hire contingency plan set up in the event of an emergency breakdown is a safe option to ensure things keep running smoothly over the winter and into spring time, and to avoid the productivity killer that is the cold.

Meeting Seasonal Demand

The summers are getting hotter and the winters are getting noticeably colder. Your current heating infrastructure may not be able to keep up with the record lows that we have been seeing in recent winters, or perhaps you’ve had your building extended and underestimated the boiler capacity required to keep temperatures agreeable. Having an extra boiler in place to help your workplace maintain an optimal temperature is important for guaranteeing a comfortable working environment.

Scheduled Maintenance

All buildings require maintenance to their systems and infrastructure, and whether it’s the heating and hot water system itself that is having maintenance carried out on it or work on other parts of the building that may interfere with the boiler’s functionality, having a plan in place to ensure continuity during periods of essential maintenance could save you a lot stress. Keep things running smoothly by ensuring you have a reputable company to call upon when needs must, who will be ready to mitigate otherwise disruptive maintenance.

Remember: downtime caused by a lack of a functioning boiler can lead to loss of money and more importantly, uncomfortable and disgruntled staff, tenants or guests. So don’t leave yourself in the cold!



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