Humanity over relegion



Humanity over religion



It was 12 am on 7/9/2018 as I sat in the canteen of my college.
​I was already so overwhelmed by the exuberance of the environment when a couple came forward and hugged each other as we all cheered. It was the day after when our supreme court struck down the colonial era law that made gay sex punishable by upto 10 years in prison. We all could see by just looking at those girls, hugging each other, that for how long they must have been waiting to cherish this moment when they could finally come forward for who they are!
Lately I found some feminists crowding over the foyer of our college for celebrating the victory ,for the word feminism itself means-equality among all sexes and equality of all genders.
The selfie corner with the rainbow umbrella frame was right there to capture you celebrating the day.
​When someone asked me to take one photo, I found myself hesitating .
​I was afraid of being captured ,supporting something which my society doesn’t approve .My religion doesn’t approve.
​What if my parents will see that pic,
​what if someone will post it somewhere.
​what if someone will think that I am gay!
And what if people will think i am less of my religion?
​These all questions started to hinder my way to that frame.
​Well how much we kinda ignore the fact but it always remains there that whatever religion we might be following ,opposes homosexuality . So does mine.
​At that moment I knew I could not be a good religious person by being supportive to the victory those people were celebrating there but certainly can be a good human.
​Perhaps you can not be a good religious person by splitting the religion and having faith on half of the things you think are right . The call was mine to make!!
​And it became clear!!
​I wanted to be a good human, so I went there ,clicked a photo and posted it !
And that’s how I felt that humanity is much more above than any religion.
​Sometimes you have to be more human than just being a religious person.