How BookYourStock is enabling SME Fashion Retailers in the Indian Wholesale Ecosystem

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Rising government focus and favorable policies in India for Manufacturing and Distribution units are leading to growth in the textile and apparel Industry. Ready made Garments remain the largest contributor of the total textile and apparel Industry which will further reverberate and boom the Indian retail sector in coming years.
Digital innovation, rising globalization and changes in consumer spending habits have already initiated India’s B2B online fashion commerce to grow four-fold to $30 billion by 2020. The Indian Wholesale B2B Fashion E-commerce has already brought about a revolution within the Indian shopping ecosystem with as many as 85% of online buyers shopping through phone or PC.
In spite of the notable growth in the Wholesale B2B Fashion Industry, there is plethora of challenges in the wholesale buying industry in fashion industry in India. Today in a Tier 2 or Tier 3 based retailer has to travel few hundred kilometers to nearest wholesale hub for any purchase for his shop. The loss of sales during the travel, multiple pricing, gut based buying and bulk buying leading to generation of dead stock are quite a many challenges for the retailer to do shop for his shop.
BookyourStock (BYS), a Bangalore based start-up is a wholesale and regulated marketplace, where retailers get answer to all these challenges. The retailer gets curated fashion products, direct shop delivery and transparent pricing structure from BookYourStock. As per the Founder and CEO, Amit Bhatia, with a wholesale cash & carry model, latest designs and a wide range of fashion products to choose from across men and women categories, BYS supplies directly from manufacturers to retailers at best prices. Not to forget the doorstep free delivery and easy returns, creating a hassle free experience for retailers, BYS has a dedicated customer service team to help and guide over any customer queries.
A small to medium size retailers, is stuck in the vicious circle of debt stock to traditional credit payment. The small purchase of “Fresh Fashion” is need of the hour especially when end customers or consumers are getting plenty of choices on their fingertips. While it is relatively easier for larger organisations to source/buy from a diverse range of hand-picked products across categories; small and medium retailers often grapple for good quality, sufficient options and range at competitive pricing and land up eventually compromising on either of these aspects (quality, range or costing).
“Out of Fashion” Products, and multi layered supply leads to the regular accumulation of stock and that’s why most of the small to medium size retailers are filled with outdated stock. In technology led era, if a retailer has to grow, then there is a great need for a modern purchase model for retailers, where they get support in terms of latest design, curated basket of products, direct delivery and convenience. Established by Amit Bhatia and Vikas Puri, Bookyourstock (BYS) is a marketplace for retailers with an impressive payment policy, COD – (Cash on Delivery) and zero interest credit up to 40 days in selected cities. Hence BookYourStock is the answer to all the typical challenges of retailers in the Indian wholesale fashion space.
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