Disastrous Resolutions

-by June Summers

Ah, how the first of January holds so much power over the minds of people! Come New Years Day and we turn into a disciplined and highly ambitious lot. A week or two passes by and we find ourselves back on the couch, watching re-runs of TV shows, munching on junk, thinking how the heck did I end up here? Before all that comes the brain wracking on what resolution to choose. You reflect on the past year to see how you could have done better. Then comes the agony of realizing that there’s way too many things you’d like to change. The truth that you might not be as wonderful of a human being as you thought of yourself to be, hits you like a ton of bricks. Phew! By now I’d be tired of all these self-therapy sessions. Then there’s the endless group of overexcited people telling you their resolutions and giving you unsolicited advice and opinions and what-nots on what resolution you should choose that will supposedly make you a “better person”. You get back home and there are those annoying TV and newspaper advertisements of overly happy people, all smiling, looking perfect and enthusiastic for the New Years. You discover how broke you are looking at the 50% discount, and realizing you still can’t afford it. You are wondering if you should make a resolution to spend wisely and start investing. Then you try surfing through YouTube for a change, and all you can see are those – “How to change your life in 2020” , “10 new habits to start this new year” videos that make you ponder on your worth. Man! There’s so much pressure and expectations around New year. You decide to go for a walk, to get away from all that negativity. Then the world brings before you all the countless bakery and eateries plopping up their finest cakes and cookies. Well, there goes your resolution to eat healthy! New Year’s Resolutions are a lot like attempting to explain your feminist views to your mom. In both instances, you’re likely to fail. Well, pass me the cake and the TV remote – happy new year right?
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The article has been written and brought to you by June Summers