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Amazing Paintball Mask Buying Guide





Amazing Paintball Mask Buying Guide


If your new to the game shots would like you’ll say you’ll expect your first buy will be a paintball firearm, I imply that is fundamental to playing paintball right? Well in spite of your first suspicion, you ought to dependably buy the best paintball mask (this may likewise be alluded to as a goggle) first. It’s THE most significant bit of unit you as a paintball player can possess, after whatever you can go out on a paintball field without a marker however not without a mask!

Back at the beginning of paintballing players utilized ski goggles, this is perilous, and all paintball masks should now pass ASTM endorsement.

There’s such a large assortment of masks to browse, with a scope of lenses, scope and fit, it can be a touch of overpowering so ideally, this guide will help.

best paintball face mask


Paintball goggles lenses are made of polycarbonate material for quality and to forestall shattering, these will by and large be covered with an anti-glare and scratch safe material.

The lens fits safely inside the goggle outline, shielding your eyes from paintball effect and spray.

Lenses can come as a single sheet or double sheet (warm lens). A single sheet lens is a one-piece lens that has an anti-fog covering added albeit less demanding to keep up and less expensive these are inclined to fogging.

Warm lenses are double sheet lenses which are fixed together using paste and foam; this helps with controlling the temperature along these lines lessening fogging. Never submerge your goggle submerged, the foam obstruction between the lenses is permeable, so if you get water between the lens sheets, your lens is pointless. In a perfect world, when cleaning your warm lens you need to utilize water on a cloth to clean the external lens and a microfiber cloth for the internal lens.

For additional data on keeping your mask from a fogging look at our “Keep your mask from fogging” blog entry.


The casing of a paintball mask is the thing that houses the lens. Goggles with either have a settled lens or a speedy lens discharge framework. A brisk discharge framework is perfect for keeping up and cleaning your mask. However, this completes tending to expand the cost.

Edge foam is essential for security, comfort and again the averting of fog. It’s vital the foam frames a seal that keeps your warm breathed out breath from fogging the mask. Low-end masks tend to have more rigid foam through the top of the line goggles will have thicker double layer foam. This double layer foam is gentler against your face and helps with engrossing sweat.


The mask is the thing that secures your face, and the level of assurance shifts mask to mask, so it’s best to think about your style and level of play.

Novice masks tend to offer full scope along the temple, jawline and ear areas, in any case, this comes to the detriment of included weight. These are frequently built from semi-unbending plastic that offers extreme effect assurance, however, are exceptionally resolute.

Competition players endeavor to lessen their objective profile however much as could reasonably be expected. Top of the line masks are more streamlined and sit nearer to the face. For those with bigger heads and more extensive faces, this will regularly leave your brow and the base of your button uncovered. These are produced using milder malleable material making them more agreeable however still offer most extreme effect insurance.


All paintball mask ties are versatile and will fit cozily to your head. Top of the line masks will regularly have a toothed clasp to hold your modification set up if your mask does not have dots or a toothed brace you should rearrange for the day.


We generally suggest that players attempt on different masks to guarantee an agreeable fit with appropriate insurance after all no two faces are the same. A portion of the significant zones to check for fit are the eyes, ears, and head, this will guarantee every single fundamental territory are secured.

Guarantee the tie of your mask is up at an edge instead of going straight over the back of your head, this will help with the fit.






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When Swimming Should We Wear Goggles?





When Swimming Should We Wear Goggles?


Do you swim with or without goggles? Which way is better? Well, here is my restorative perspective:



Redness and Irritation

Swimming without preserving your eyes from the water can result in irritation and redness. The reason redness and irritation occurs is that of the pH levels in the pool. If the pH is too high, the chlorine in the water won’t have the capacity to disinfect appropriately and keep both the pool and the water clean. If pH is too low the pipes in and around the pool will consume.

When the pH level is perfect, it will help prevent eye discomfort and help with disinfection. Shockingly, the perfect pH go is minor, and it is difficult to control in pools that are expansive. It is possible that the chemicals won’t be precise as they should be and you will encounter redness and irritation if you don’t protect your eyes while in the pool.

While pool staff may be seen every morning skimming off debris such as leaves and bugs, the genuine danger – bacteria – is covered up underneath the surface. Sweat, pee, mucus, saliva, hair, dead skin and fecal issue – also sun cream, aroma, and cosmetics – are among the pollutants brought by swimmers into pools.

Inability to legitimately clean the pool can trigger stomach upsets, ear, and eye infections. There can be any one of 30 different bugs in a swimming pool. Cryptosporidium and E.coli, both of which can cause vomiting and the runs, are caused by fecal material. Some pools can harbor a bacterium called Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which is responsible for skin and ear infections. Another harmful bug, Acanthamoeba, can assault the surface of the eye, causing painful irritation.

Never Swim with Contact Lenses on

If you are swimming with your eyes open and wear contacts, the chances are great that they will drop out and be lost. Finding a contact ashore is hard, but in the water, it is almost impossible. If you wear contacts in the pool and lose them, you won’t have the capacity to see when you are out of the water either. Some individuals try to swim with their glasses on, but this still doesn’t protect your eyes from the chemicals in the pool. If you stress over not having the capacity to see without glasses or contacts but want to see while in the pool, consider prescription goggles.

Also, swimming with contact lenses on increases the chances of eye disease. Read my other post on regular mistakes when using contact lenses.

Poor Vision

When you swim with your eyes open, you may encounter poor vision while underwater. If you want to have the capacity to see better while underwater, goggles are essential. Goggles protect the eyes and permit you to keep your eyes open amid your whole swim without any other problems.

With the above at the top of the priority list, it would be advisable to wear goggles to swim to prevent eye disease and irritation of the eye and to have a better vision while swimming. Most competitive swimmers choose to wear goggles to avoid the effects that swimming with your eyes open can have. Anyone spending a broadened period in the water should protect them with goggles. Click here best swimming goggles reviews of 2018.

Some swim coaches favor their students to get the hang of swimming without goggles as they feel that a person should have the capacity to swim in a crisis setting where goggles are not accessible. What is your experience? Did you have a terrible affair using goggles when swimming or was it when you swim without goggles?