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Healthy Foods You Should Mix Into Your Next Buffet





Healthy Foods You Should Mix Into Your Next Buffet


Whether it’s your first time catering for a small house-party or you’re a seasoned caterer looking to switch things up, having healthy, fresh, and innovative ideas in your steam table pan to delight your guests is the key to making any event a crowd pleaser. Having a variety of unique yet complimenting dishes will be sure to please any palate and allow your menu to break free from the stereotypical meat and potato hot plates of stereotypical catered events; guests will feel good about their choice, and you will feel great about what you’ve served.

Here are some ideas to switch up your menu, and put a modern and innovative taste to your buffet line:

Chicken or steak? Let’s talk fish. Serving fish at an event is the perfect way to provide something light yet filling, all while creating a theme of elegance and refinement in the meal. Choosing a recipe that lightly acts upon the fish’s natural taste not only allows the fish’s freshness to speak for itself, but also creates the airy Mediterranean vibe that is perfect for a summer-night event. Whether you choose a classic yet simplistic lemon pepper foiled salmon or a more complex yet delightfully different almond-crusted salmon, your guests will be sure to enjoy each meal to the last bit. Take caution to cook your salmon until it has reached the pink-salmon color, as any lighter usually leads to a loss of texture and overcooked taste.

Not Your Classic Starch
What better way to play upon the refined, light, Mediterranean theme of fish as the primary protein than serving it with an al fresco risotto? Not only does this add a more authentic spin on classic starch sides such as potatoes, but it is also filling, and the possibilities to individualize the flavors are endless! You can stick with the classics, like creamy mushroom risotto, put a unique spin on the dish with a risotto with edamame, arugula, and porcini, or keep it a light fare with a primavera risotto. Risotto is a great way to incorporate vegetables into your starch dish, all while being an easy-to-make and less costly option.

The Michelin Vegetable
Toss the classic garden salad aside and go for something that will keep your guests asking for seconds on their vegetables. Asparagus is the perfect green side dish to complement almost all main dishes and sides. Easy to cook, asparagus puts a refined and Michelin star appearance to any plate. The vegetable can preserve simply, oven roasted and doused with olive oil, or made with an extra explosion of taste with a garlic and Parmesan rub. The seasoning options for asparagus are endless, leaving ample room to put all kinds of innovative twists on this healthy dish.

Fruity Desserts
Desserts are not often associated with ‘healthy foods,’ but it is possible! Keep things fresh, light, and always tasty by incorporating fruits into your dessert dish, using their natural sugars as a substitute for synthetic sweeteners, leaving your guests feeling everything but guilty for the delicious, end-of-the-meal treat. Chocolate mousse-filled strawberries are a sweet classic and is the perfect finger-food secret, along with guest-controlled portions for those who want just a bit of something sweet.

Having options that are both healthy and delicious in your Steam Table Pans is a sure-fast way to leave all your guests feeling healthy and satisfied with your next event. To make sure that your catering supplies are of as high a caliber as your food, visit to find the best steam table pans, hotel pans, and much more!

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Wholesale Vape Supplies: Crucial Tips for Prolonging Your Battery Life





Wholesale Vape Supplies: Crucial Tips for Prolonging Your Battery Life

When buying wholesale vape supplies, there is one essential item you should always keep on your list – the battery. Vaping devices are powered by batteries and are either charged by a traditional household charger or a USB charger. However, just like any other battery type, these charging units can be damaged. To help prolong the life of your battery, remember these crucial tips.

Regularly Use It
Vaping devices use a lithium-ion battery. Another standard way to prolong your battery life is to use your battery on a daily basis. To ensure each of your batteries gets regularly used, only rotate a couple of batteries for use.

Never Overcharge Your Unit
It’s easy to put your battery on a charger and leave it until later. Unfortunately, instead of having a positive impact on your battery, it will have a negative one. Not only will leaving it on the charger affect the life of your battery, but it can also cause the amount of charge it can hold to diminish. Keeping a battery on the charger will overwork it, causing difficulty for the device to maintain a healthy charge.

Buy the Correct Battery
Just like other electronic devices, if you use the incorrect battery option, it can cause problems for either: the device, the battery, or both. To avoid problems, never use batteries that can overpower the e-cigarette or vaping device. You can determine the correct battery for your option by reading the label, checking with your local wholesale vape supplies distributor, vaping forums, or other helpful, informative vaping experts.

Keep Up With Care and Maintenance
To keep your battery and device in tip-top shape, always keep up with care and maintenance of your battery. To clean your device, you should use alcohol wipes or a tissue to clean the battery and terminal components when it is dirty and not in use. Other care tips include:

• Never charge your device overnight.
• Only plug your device into good USB ports.
• If your battery overheats, or you feel it is unsafe to use make sure that it is disposed of properly.

If you ever feel you have a damaged battery, always take it to a service center for electronics.

Store It Properly
Batteries for vaping devices have to follow specific guidelines to prevent them from degrading and decreasing their lifespan. You should also never:

• Expose batteries to extreme heat,
• Set them in direct sunlight for long periods of time, or
• Store them in damp or dirty places

Avoid Leaving Empty Batteries Around
Whenever you have a drained battery, you should always charge it before you store it. As crazy as it sounds, batteries can drain even when they aren’t in use. Therefore, if you leave a battery completely dead when you store it, it will have even less of a charge capability than it did before. Due to this, you should always keep your batteries well charged and rotated frequently.

Pick the Right Options for Your Device
When choosing your vaping device, specific features can help to extend your battery life. For example, high capacity vaping options require fewer charges, using the manufacturer’s charger instead of another brand will provide the best possibility of recharging your device with the proper settings, and high operating temperatures can lead to battery damage and premature aging.

For more information on prolonging your battery life, or if you have questions on the best battery options for your vaping device, contact Kingdom Vapor today. Our highly experienced staff works hard to ensure the very best for our clientele.

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Commercial Cooking Equipment Fire Safety Tips Every Business Should Know




Commercial Cooking Equipment Fire Safety Tips Every Business Should Know

You can find Commercial Cooking Equipment in a variety of businesses from restaurants to bakeries to soup kitchens and more. These locations can contain high-efficiency ranges, deep fryers, ovens, grills, and more. However, along with these commercial grade appliances come the additional risks of a fire. It is crucial to remember these essential fire safety tips to prevent fires from occurring in your kitchen.

Be Aware of Open Flames
Restaurants use an assortment of cooking techniques to prepare food. However, when butane, propane, or other fuel sources are used, it increases the fire hazard risks. To minimize your risk of a fire, ensure each employee has proper training with the equipment in use and any specific cooking techniques your kitchen uses.

Always Keep Your Kitchen Clean
When cooking, many appliances can generate grease and oil which could be fuel waiting to combust. By keeping your kitchen clean and organized, you can minimize the risk of a fire, as well as prevent kitchen fires from growing or spreading.

Create a Fire Safety Plan
One of the primary methods to keep your kitchen safe is to have a fire safety plan in place. This plan should include not only your evacuation plans and what each employee’s roles and responsibilities are but also a backup plan in case things don’t go as planned. You should ensure your employees are properly trained to:

• Appropriately use a fire extinguisher
• Shut off the electrical or gas power to the equipment in the event of an emergency
• Never use water to attempt to put out a grease fire
• Properly clean up grease and use chemical solutions
• Properly store flammable liquids
• Remove any ashes from charcoal or wood-ovens a minimum of once per day

Utilize Fire Suppression Systems
Every commercial kitchen should have some form of fire suppression system with a hood and sprinkler system. The system should include several backup fire extinguishers and chemical fire extinguishers (you should base the class of the extinguisher on the legal guidelines for the size of your business).

Regularly Clean Your Grease Traps
As touched on above, grease is an important substance to control when working in a kitchen. After all, a grease fire can spread through the entire kitchen quickly if not caught early. Therefore, you should make sure you regularly empty out your grease traps, replace your deep fryer grease, and keep the walls and hoods clean of all grease splatter that can accumulate.

Regularly Check the Fire Alarms
Changing the batteries in your smoke alarm is only part of the process. Afterwards, you need to continue with regular fire alarm testing. During sudden power surges, components within the device can cause it to work incorrectly. Smoke alarms should be tested after any power outages or significant surges.

Promptly Remove Trash and Packaging Materials From the Kitchen
Trash buildup is a fire hazard. Shipping materials and trash should be removed from the kitchen as soon as possible. Place the waste in the dumpster with the dumpster located far enough from your business that if it were to catch fire, it wouldn’t affect anything close to it. This is an especially important step because you cannot always control who has access to your business’ dumpster or other trash removal containers. Much of fire safety and prevention boils down to thinking ahead and reducing unnecessary risk.

For more tips on how you can prevent kitchen fires or for help in choosing the best commercial cooking equipment for your business, talk to the helpful associates at Gator Chef today by emailing or by calling 1-888-944-2867 today!

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Wholesale RDA Fundamentals: A Basic Guide to RDAs




Wholesale RDA Fundamentals: A Basic Guide to RDAs


Low resistance, PV, Mod, RBA: there are plenty of acronyms and terminology specific to the vaping industry. Unfortunately, this information can be vital to ensure you have all the required information and equipment necessary before making a large purchase (for example, making a Wholesale RDA purchase). To help start you on your path to understanding vaping terminology, here are the basics of RDAs:

What Are RDAs?
RDA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. However, when dealing with RDAs, there are two other relevant acronyms you will need to understand – RBA (or Rebuildable Atomizers) and RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers). RDAs and RTAs are both a form of RBAs. Each of these rebuildable options put you in the driver’s seat by allowing you to “build” the coil of your device. While there is a variety of building alternatives, the process is generally the same. You will:

• Wrap the Coil
• Attach the Coil to the System
• Add the Wick

Oftentimes, you will determine the build by the particular style of RBA you choose and the type of vape the user is trying to achieve. In general, Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers consist of both positive and negative connection points where you will add the coils. Therefore, before you start, you will need to understand how to attach your coils. Once the coils are inserted and are conducting correctly, you will place the cotton wick through the wrapped coil. Then, select your choice of e-liquid and saturate the wick, putting the top cap on your atomizer when completed. After allowing time for the wick to fully saturate, the device will be ready for you to begin.

What Are the Advantages to Using RDAs?
Increased flavor production is the main advantage to using an RDA. You just can’t beat the flavor you receive from a newly juiced atomizer that you’ve customized yourself, and, if you have never tried hitting an RDA before, you should at least try it once before you decide whether it will be worth the work for you. Another significant advantage of RDAs is they provide more space than their counterpart, the tank atomizer. Due to this, it allows for more substantial and complicated build, opportunities which can increase both your cloud production and your flavor enjoyment. Plus having the better airflow offered by RDAs will help to keep your coils cool, which, in turn, will allow you to use your vaporizer at higher wattages while still keeping your vapor at a comparatively cool temperature.

However, one of the more significant advantages to using an RDA is how much more straightforward they are to troubleshoot any issues. Unlike other devices, when you start to have a weird taste, you won’t have to unscrew a variety of different parts (often making a mess in the process). Instead, you just need to take the cap off the top of your atomizer and wicks.

Are There Any Disadvantages to RDA’s?
For most individuals, the most prominent disadvantage for RDAs is they drip constantly. For many, this is not a very convenient aspect; with every few hits, more liquid will drip down onto your wicks. In fact, this disadvantage is the main reason many people steer away from RDAs.

Rebuildable drip atomizers are not for beginners. They require more vaping knowledge in order to properly maintain and operate the device efficiently. Often, it takes some trial and error to get the process down correctly. While they are not extremely complicated, RDAs do require time and playing around with the device to find that perfect sweet spot. That doesn’t mean you cannot learn, however!

While buying wholesale RDA products is easy, you need to know more about this type of device before you make a purchase. For more information on rebuildable drip atomizers or how they can improve your vaping experience, call Kingdom Vapor. Their skilled vaping enthusiasts can answer any RDA questions you may have and help you to choose the best device for your needs. Don’t delay call 1-814-297-8240 today!

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Leasing Commercial Kitchen Supply Equipment




Advantages and Disadvantages of Leasing Commercial Kitchen Supply Equipment


When beginning your business, one of the most costly expense items are the devices you will require for your Commercial Kitchen Supply. Regrettably, the steep prices can be quite challenging for your working capital. Thankfully, there is hope, even for small business owners. A great way to acquire the kitchen supplies, without spending too much cash, and helping to improve your overall net income is to lease your restaurant equipment. To help you decide if leasing your kitchen furnishings is the right option for you, make sure to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of your business.


Spending Less Capital
When renting restaurant equipment, you now have more access to the money you need to get your business up and running, which is incredibly helpful for those who don’t have a lot of money to work with from the beginning. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a considerable lump sum upfront, but you may be able to provide a monthly payment.

You Don’t Need Perfect Credit
One of the joys to leasing is the ability to rent without having picture perfect credit. Many restaurant supply companies offer options for those even without the best credit history, which can be a substantial perk to many business owners. This is also great if you are starting out and haven’t built substantial credit.

Option to Buy
Many leasing companies offer a rent-to-own option, which means, at the end of your contract, you can put all the payments you have made towards purchasing the required equipment outright. Rent-to-own is an excellent option for any items you plan to keep throughout the life of your business.

Tax Deductions
Although it depends on the specific leasing agreement and how the IRS decides to classify it, in many cases you can deduct your leased equipment on your taxes. Think of it this way, when you purchase an item you are paying all the taxes upfront. However, when you are renting, you are paying taxes each month. This added tax benefit, in the end, could help to negate the overall price for your appliances.


It Doesn’t Cover Everything
While leasing can help to finance your new business, that doesn’t mean everything you want to rent will be available for you to rent. For example, daily supplies, dinnerware, and other materials are not readily available for rent and if you can’t get the money you may be out of luck. Typically, if you can get the money to invest in your commercial kitchen supply, you should always purchase over leasing.

Additional Fees for Terminating Early
Sometimes you may find you no longer require the equipment you are renting before your lease terms are up. If so, you will most likely have to pay additional fees for terminating your contract early. Therefore, instead of having the option to sell the equipment for its equity (like you would be able to if you bought the supplies), you will most likely end up paying more to rid yourself of the device. Be sure to read the fine print on this before signing any lease agreement.

Higher Interest Rates
While buying does offer the advantage of not having to pay interest rates, leasing isn’t the same and, unfortunately, while you may not be required to have the best credit to rent the equipment you need, it can affect the type of interest rates for your lease.

If you’re interested in leasing commercial restaurant equipment, submit an online lease application today for a flexible and easy way to use the restaurant equipment you need without spending a chunk of money buying it outright! We have financing plans available for 13 to 60 months! So, get online and start saving money by leasing today. For more advice on the advantages and disadvantages of leasing your commercial kitchen supply, contact the restaurant supply experts at Gator Chef today.

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