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DIY travel wheelchair





DIY travel wheelchair

On our big journey prep lists, one of the most difficult and crucial obligations became to acquire a journey in the best wheelchair for Sparky which could cross trekking, sit down in restaurants, fold small, with a detachable seat that may go in vehicles and planes and at the lower back of elephants. It requires being waterproof, unbreakable, reparable from readily available substances, attractive (besides to thieves) and reasonably-priced.

After years of reading travel blogs and boards, we found no precedent. How do human beings do it? Surely someone had figured this one out.

This publishes the  tale of what we did.  Everyone’s wishes are extraordinary. However, we hope the following is beneficial to someone!

We like the wheelbarrow tow along the idea, and the consolation furnished via the huge tire.

No motorized wheelchair could be useful, as they weigh an excessive amount of, but this cool chair can arise and climb stairs.

There are a variety of cool chairs which can do one cool factor; boost the user to status height, climb stairs, permit for wriggle room and lower back stretching, fold small or anything. However, we wanted one that would do lots of things.  

If Sparky already used a motorized chair which gave her independent mobility, we might suppose tough about denying her that freedom on the way to travel with a guide chair.  But that has no longer been trouble for us.

Many merchandises in Australia are from overseas, and there is best one dealer. Products price four times the price inside the USA or the United Kingdom, in which lots of them come from. For example, we once sold a chair online from the united states for $412.

In Australia, it changed into simplest to be had in one keep and value $2119.   People with disabilities in Australia and their households are crying out for a fairer marketplace with more opposition for basic merchandise like wheelchairs and verbal exchange gadgets.

Needless to mention we did now not bear in mind paying the $8000 for this model. It was additionally clumsy and too large, over-engineered even. In hindsight, it’d no longer have equipped with plenty of elevators we’ve used.

The wheeled base could have consolation-giving suspension arising from the massive pneumatic tire. And from the elastic strap suspending the internal seat. The seat could be removable and able to be sat in a diffusion of locations. The wheeled base would be capable of fold up and suit into the rear boot of a taxi or the storage compartment under buses.

The chair wanted with a purpose to pass upstairs without problems, be strong, with an awesome breaking system. It needed so that it will cope with the average jungle/bush stroll, but more importantly all of the dodgy, dippy, slippery Asian footpaths and huge curbs.  We desired it to be clean to push for Tintin and Meena, as well as ourselves.

Here is the seat we ended up with. It is, in fact, an antique seat base manufactured from chrome steel. We truly wanted a lighter weight framework but located not anything robust sufficient to bear the huge pressure Sparky places on her chair while she arches her returned. 

We’d still want to strive a reinforced fiberglass alternative … next time maybe. The seat weighed five.Five kg.   This was 3 kg heavier that our aim. My brother drilled bits out of the seat for us, which lightened it a chunk.

In our next Travel Wheelchair post, we’ll tell you the way it works, the shortfalls, and we’ll include very cool pictures of the chair in action. Most importantly, we’ll interview Sparky about what its want to journey SE Asia in a wheelchair.








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How to Work by Cordless Hammer Drill




How to Work by Cordless Hammer Drill


The some of my love their wet saws for cutting tiles. While others couldn’t stand to part with their trim switch or thickness planer, however, I’m willing to wager there’s no less than one power apparatus that each DIYer deserving at least moderate respect has inside reach and uses in any event week by week—the cordless drill and driver.

It’s compact, valuable for everything from hanging pictures to confining a house, and to those aware of everything, a lot of different assignments too. A pivoting engine in addition to movable toss implies you can embed a wide range of things to influence them to turn—this adaptability, it turns out, can be very helpful. Here are ten of my most loved approaches to utilize a cordless drill/driver:

1.Drill little openings.

Duh. I know you know. In any case, consider the utilization outside of simply hurling in an essential wind bit. Drilling pilot openings and countersink gaps is fundamental for a quality complete, so consider a different arrangement of decreased bits only for the undertaking, for example, those with the countersink worked in. In case you’re not getting the sort of value, sans tear gaps you’re chasing, you likely have the wrong bits. The more significant part of the straightforward turn bits sold at tool shops are intended to drill metal in a low-speed drill squeeze, so consider moving up to an arrangement of brad-point bits intended for wood. For more information click the link,

2. Make enormous gaps.

Outside of your standard 1/16″ to 1/2″ drill bit set, there is a wide range of choices for making bigger, consummately round openings. On the off chance that your break should be cycled, a claim to fame bit will dependably make a higher quality cut than a keyhole saw or jigsaw. Consider utilizing one while making space for recessed lighting, or when making space for pipes in your floor joists, cupboards, ledges, or—in case you’re feeling aspiring—open-air shower.

3. Drive everything

Most drills accompany the standard level and Phillips driving bits, which are basic for driving screws and fasteners. Likewise think about grabbing an arrangement of hex drivers, which can accelerate gathering level pack furniture and help dismantle family unit things for support and repair.

4. Blend paint, ground, and concrete.

Handyman shops offer claim to fame blending bits for blending different jars of paint for reliable shading, much like the hand blender in your kitchen. They additionally make egg blender style blenders for solid, mortar, and grout.

5. Sand shapes and bent surfaces.

Level sandpaper and sanding pieces are incredible for level surfaces, yet when you have to sand bends and circular segments, you require a bent sanding surface. Utilize your cordless drill and a sanding drum to give a smooth surface to even the most unpredictable shapes.

6. Crush metal and expel rust.

On the off chance that you don’t possess a handheld edge processor, you can utilize a connection that hurls into your cordless drill and enables you to utilize wheels intended for edge processors. Then again, get a “brush bit” to use with your drill to expel rust from iron and steel devices and home things.

7. Bend wires.

In case you’re hoping to run numerous wires along a similar length, you can put every one of them into your drill throw and turn it into a perfect heap of securely interweaved wires. This method additionally works for contorting steel link that you may use to hang things from the roof, for example, stockpiling or lights in your carport or cellar.

8. Rectify bent or bowed wires and links.

Correspondingly, you can utilize a drill with ease back setting to fix bowed wires and links. Look at this tip from the

“In the wake of securing the wire in the opening, draw to keep it in strain and pivot the drill gradually. When you fix the wire, slacken the throw, pull the drill and force the opposite end of wire screw.”

9. Make solid, shrouded joints.

DIYers are renouncing the bread jointer for a pocket-screw dance, which enables you to manufacture furniture, outlines, and almost anything you’d like with covered up, calculated joints. My most loved are the Kreg arrangement of dances, which enable you to utilize standard screws to securely and safely join wood in minutes, with no noticeable equipment. Exceptional!

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The Secret of The Best Cleaning Tools for the Job




The Secret of The Best Cleaning Tools for the Job


Whether used for moist or dry cleaning, mops are the foot squaddies inside the battle for clean floors. Every organized domestic wish at the least two: a wet mop, to select up wet spills and wash hard-floor flooring; and a dry mop, to acquire dry dust, dust, and pet hair.

When selecting a mop for wet cleaning, bear in mind its cause; not simplest ought to it dissolve to dust. However, it should also elevate it from the ground and dispose of it. For this motive, keep away from string mops. They are heavy to lift, awkward to use and nearly impossible to rinse smooth.

Instead, look for massive-headed moist mops with a swivel base and removable terry covers. These modern equipment do dual obligation; a dry cover makes quick work of spilled drinks, at the same time as a cover wrung out in cleaning solution dissolves and lifts dirt effortlessly.

Sponge mops, too, provide green cleaning for spills and flooring. Larger cleansing heads make the process fly quicker. Because these mops get an exercise, make certain hinge mechanisms are manufactured from metallic; plastic received’t stand up to the process.

Dry mops are available in any paperwork. Small disposable mops have the benefit of sliding without problems into tight corners and are a fave with younger helpers. However, they may be flimsy, and substitute pads are pricey.

Reusable microfiber mops provide a less high priced opportunity. Some microfiber mops use hook-and-loop tape to connect cleanable dry-mop pads to the mop face. Others replace disposable pads with reusable microfiber sheets. Use them on dry soil and to brush up crumbs inside the kitchen.

When buying a dry mop, have a look at the take care of and hinge assembly. Mopping stresses these areas, so look for steel connectors and swivels.

Angled artificial brooms are lightweight and work nicely to smooth near baseboards, in the back of furniture and corners. Use them interior, as their lighter weight makes them impractical for heavier outdoor jobs. Store synthetic brooms head-as much as keep away from bending the bristles.

Corn brooms are crafted from natural bristles, and that they’re the all-cause solution for sweeping chores. Pair them with a dustpan for short kitchen cleanups; the difficult bristles do an advanced task on floors fabric with a rough or pitted surface that holds dust, together with brick or concrete.

When shopping for a corn broom, look for an easy, strong take care of and more than one rows of sewing to keep the bristles in place. Store the corn broom head-as much as save you the bristles from bending. As the broom, a while, trim the bristles an inch or so to repair it with youthful vigor.

The corn broom has bendy bristles that attain effortlessly into corners. A push broom clears huge areas quickly. A whisk broom makes brief paintings of spills and crumbs.

Equipped with right filtration, a vacuum cleaner swoops up dust subsequently and forever and gets rid of it from home. Vacuum cleaners are available in two simple styles: canister and upright.

A handheld mini-vac comes in reachable for stairs, tight corners, and small spills. Choose a mini-vac model with disposable bags for first-rate air fine. Rechargeable mini-vacs are cordless and handy.

Where there’s existence, there’s dust! Household dust is an airborne blend of soil debris, lint, insect elements, animal dander, pollen, molds, and fungi. Dust comes in thru the open window or door or hitches an experience inner on shoes and garb. It is stirred into the air via strolling or careless dusting. Airborne dust irritates respiration passages and triggers allergic reactions in touchy people.

As it falls, it settles on furnishings, surfaces, and floors, and clogs furnace filters and fridge coils, causing those home equipment to paintings tougher and devour extra electricity. Because dirt is abrasive, strolling on dusty flooring can damage carpet, vinyl, or hardwood flooring.

Regular dust removal is vital for a clean and properly-saved domestic. Try the subsequent equipment and strategies to manipulate dirt.

When it comes to cleaning, a few family areas are all wet: rooms along with the bathroom or kitchen, which contain a water source and are domestic to meals instruction, bathing or grooming activities. Water splashes, cleaning soap film, airborne grease and smoke from cooking, and overspray from personal-care merchandise combine with family dust to up the cleaning ante in a wet room.

An informal method of cleansing can be unstable to your garb! Tackling cleaning chores wearing a nightgown or in office garments isn’t just haphazard; it’s risky.

Take cleaning significantly and dress for the job. Avoid unfastened clothing so that it will capture on handles or interfere with gear. The comfortable garb that offers an unfastened range of motion maintains the cleanser at the task longer, and greater fortuitously. Washable garb is a must; a white cotton T-blouse or pinnacle could be simplest to keep stain-loose.

Wear sturdy, supportive shoes; those guard feet from injury. Avoid carrying footwear that is simple to slip out of, inclusive of flip-flops, especially if using a step stool. Springy shoes or lace-up on foot shoes maintain you for your feet and shield feet from splashed cleaning answers or a dropped device.

Add a cleansing apron with wallet for also protection, and to maintain gear and cleaners near at hand. If your apron has facet loops, dangle spray bottles of cleaning answer from them equipped for use. Line apron pockets with plastic baggage to corral bits of trash. Stockpile a stack of cleaning cloths in one pocket, a cleaning sponge in any other. You’re dressed to smooth.






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How to Use a Power Drill Safe & Easy





How to Use a Power Drill Safe & Easy


So, you’ve determined to go cordless – you purchased that fancy new Black and Decker drill which you’re just itching to use. For around-the-house repairs, the convenience of a cordless product is terrific, and lots of today’s drills can pack just as a lot punch as a corded electric version, but what’s the right manner to perform it?

While it might not be too hard to work out the fundamentals your self, some of the smaller bells and whistles on your new tool may make an effort to understand. Using a cordless version power drill properly can cause jagged, crooked holes that may be a severe setback to your challenge.



In this article, we’re going to show you a way to use a drill (also known as a motive force) the right way, what each part does, and walk you via the method of penetrating an easy hole step-via-step.


The part of your cordless driving force that seems like the cause of a gun is, aptly named, the cause. This is your drill’s gasoline pedal, so to talk – preserve it down, the tool goes. Some triggers are contact-touchy, which means the harder you squeeze, the faster it spins.

Gear Selector

In these machines without a hint-touchy cause, the gear selector is used to exchange the drill’s velocity. You’ll frequently see it as a numbered dial or turn on top of your cordless version, with one being the slowest tools and every succeeding variety making your motive force faster. Only shift gears at the same time as the product is off.

Forward/Reverse Selector

Located at the manager of the system is the ahead/opposite selector, a small transfer positioned there to be utilized by your thumb at the same time as your index finger is on the cause. Most of the time, you’ll have it set to ahead for going thru holes and tightening screws – transfer to reverse mode while you need to dispose of or loosen something.


Bits are the long metallic part of the machine that, nicely, drills. Pretty simple, however you ought to have a first-rate collection of bits like-minded along with your system available to address one of a kind jobs that involve exclusive substances. If you’re wondering the way to use a driver with various of portions, the manner is equal for each type.


The chuck is where you placed your bits, which sounds a bit bizarre out of context. It’s the metallic element at the front tip of your drill that, when there’s no peace in a region, is virtually a hole. Each time you convert the bit, it’s essential to ensure you’ve set it within the chuck correctly so that it doesn’t become crooked.


The torque is placed at the frame of your driver (it looks a chunk like a mixture lock you used in school) with numbers ranging among 1 and 10 or 1 and 20. Not to be burdened with velocity, torque is the quantity of force your drill produces, not how rapid it turns, and is accelerated to tighten screws. To change the quantity of torque, simplest line up the variety you want with the arrow – it’s first-rate to start low and work your way up till you attain a placing that feels right.


Unlike a corded model, your driving force runs on power from a rechargeable battery. This makes it particularly on hand for short, across the residence jobs. When you’re finished using your cordless drill, placed it returned to its charging station so that it’s geared up the following time you need it.

If you’re working on a huge challenge (constructing a shed, as an example), the battery might not remain lengthy sufficient to get it accomplished in a single go, and in that state of affairs, an electric powered version might be fine.

Especially when drilling thru wooden, it’s a great idea to put on a pair of protective goggles to preserve any flying wooden chips from your eyes. Also, ensure the fabric you’re going thru has scrap wooden or not anything in any respect underneath so you don’t by accident penetrates into something you shouldn’t!

Choose the precise bit for the task and insert it into the chuck. Soft bits (steel, HSS) for more elastic substances like wood and plastic, and tougher bits (carbine, cobalt) for metals. Twist bits are usually a secure wager for any cloth, at the same time as spade bits and auger bits are great used best for going via smooth woods.

Always have your drill configured to spin ahead (clockwise) by the usage of the ahead/opposite selector switch.

Line up your gadget to wherein you want the hole, and observe stress to the trigger. Don’t rely on the drill to do all the work for you-you’ll need to apply downward stress as properly.

And that’s it! Penetrating the hollow is the very best element – it’s putting in place the gadget efficaciously that takes a piece of work, but it’s not anything a lot in any respect when you get the cling of it and determine out what settings paintings first-rate for amazing jobs.

Now that you know the way to use a cordless drill, you’ll be capable of tackle any challenge like a seasoned. These machines have become increasingly powerful, even replacing corded electric powered drills for a spread of jobs, so it’s important to know the way to perform this family handyman staple.

With those plus a tremendous product, there is no stopping you now. All you need now are a version that fits your desires. You can test out our homepage for our review of top-rated cordless drills.









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The Essentials Tips & Tricks for Wire Stripping




The Essentials Tips & Tricks for Wire Stripping


Wire Stripping Tips:

When stripping wire, it is essential to know the distance across of the wire. Stranded wire has typically a marginally more significant measurement than strong wires of a similar check. Keeping in mind the end goal to save the uprightness of your wire, on the off chance that you are uncertain of the measurement of your wire it is best, to begin with, a bigger stripper estimate and progressively diminish estimate until the point when the right size is found.

 That way, on the off chance that you happen to commit an error you have space to remove the finish of the wire and begin once again without squandering the full length of the wire.

Device Selection:

Choosing the right device for your wire stripping occupation can spare you time and cash. While some wire strippers are more costly than others, the work cost funds gave by the further developed strippers could compensate for the additional cost. When choosing a wire stripping device is whether the stripper is aligned for the strong or stranded wire. As said already, stranded wire is marginally extensive in the distance across than strong cable stripper of a similar check, so it is critical to have an apparatus that records for that distinction.

Here are a couple of various instrument choices for wire stripping:


Maybe the most helpful (or badly designed relying upon what you look like at it) instrument choice for wire stripping would be something you as of now possess: your teeth. Essentially embed the finish of the wire into your mouth, clench down, draw, and release the wire covering. Sounds straightforward, yet we don’t suggest this choice unless you have an extremely economical dental arrangement. Else, you will find that the cost of a more expert wire stripping device is way more affordable than the dental bills you will pile on from chipping your tooth veneer. Truly, don’t utilize your teeth!


Another choice for a wire stripping instrument would be something else that a large number of you as of now possess: a folding knife. Keeping in mind the end goal to utilize a folding knife to strip wire lay the wire on a level surface and put the blade on the wire as you move it one full pivot. When this is finished, the separated protection should pull off effectively with your discoverers.

Sounds simple, advantageous, and straightforward right? Off-base! Because something sounds like a smart thought doesn’t mean you should attempt it. It is anything but difficult to scratch the wire with a folding knife, which could prompt significant issues with your associations. Wire stripping apparatuses are intended to make the stripping more rapidly and exact than different techniques.

Modest Wire Stripper

There are numerous modest wire strippers accessible that are essentially scissors with an indent cut out for better use with wire. While they work with any measure or sort of wire, they are difficult to modify and can scratch your wire on the off chance that they strip out of modification. As said, they are shabby and simple to discover, yet we don’t have confidence in utilizing them in proficient applications, so we don’t stock any on our site.

Checked Stripper

Checked strippers have exact openings for particular measures of wire, which makes wire stripping significantly more proficient and idiot proof. A couple of detriments are that the cutting edges can’t be honed and that they work for particular measures. Be that as it may, they are an exceptionally financially savvy other option to the past choices recorded. We stock both Ideal, and Klein checked wire strippers.

Multi-Purpose Tool

On the off chance that you need to have an instrument that can do everything, multi-reason apparatuses are accessible that can both strip and cut different measures of wire. We stock the Klein 1010 long-nose multi-reason device, which strips and cuts 10-22 AWG wire.