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The EU in 2030





“The EU in 2030”

by Bacho Chubinidze



In the year of 1948, Jean Monnet asked the question, whether the community he wanted to create should end in itself, or would it be in a process of constant change and development. In the year of 2018 and the world around us, the question is whether the EU will keep moving in the direction of freedom, in the direction of tranquility, or will its people give up socio-political progress, their ascendants only dreamt about.

There was an age, where Europe was little more than a slogan from 1815 until 1945, there was a golden age in which Europe began to emerge as a project between 1950’s-1990’s, there was a third phase in which union intensified from the weakened states to the economic boomers during 2000’s, and there is now – the European Union is on the defensive and from budgetary to political debates is witnessing a European civil war, as stated by monsieur Macron. Indeed, it finds itself in an uncertain time, with austerity of the far-rights on the one hand and refugee crisis on another, complicated with a recent terrorist attacks elsewhere. It is easy to be pessimistic, because there are many perspectives on what we can define as a crisis and when times are in impasse, voice and loyalty become more difficult. Many populations across the EU feel they are facing foreign forces, which are making decisions that impact their lives, meanwhile, aggressive propaganda campaigns have arisen across the EU, especially in the eastern part and probably this is one of the most critical topics that members have to deal with, but an old saying is that every darkest sky has a shining ray. 200 years ago Europe was a set of principles without a body. Today it is more than a union, with a search of new principles to replace some of the old ones. Last 4 years was one for history books and if we want to lead the way in diagnosing the challenges facing EU today, prescribing ways to address them and to see where the post-Brexit EU will be in 2030, we should understand where it is now. To articulate, this requires us to raise ourselves above the sense of crisis and try to see things in the long term. I write this, because EU is at historical turning point and decisions taken now will ultimately shape the future. Despite of this, I believe that this is time of exciting opportunities, innovations and future growth for at least two reasons which puts the union to the test:

Firstly, I have some optimism about what is driving modern ultra-nationalist movements. The rise of the rights across the EU is in many places an interesting combination of ideas about what we owe to the people. As more different and diverse societies are gathering across the bloc, more difficult it becomes to build consensus and find projects that will work for everyone. This does not exclude the fact that it is impossible to understand modern society’s most pressing problems and even opportunities through only a local or even national frame. It seems that everybody is looking at the same thing, but everybody sees something different, but at least they certainly do not question that for the EU, not having solution is unacceptable, for the reason that its people grew up with a dread of the past, but never with a fear of the future. Communities individually could not have developed the entity, collectively they could have, and they do, from farmer to start-upper. Suffering with crisis and various problematic developments in a nasty mix of complexity, does not make EU descent. It is crystal clear that the union is facing battle of values, which requires commendable unity and allegiance for the future, with a high political costs that seems unbearable for domestic focused politicians, but not for pro-western majority.

Secondly, a slow but robust economic recovery is well underway in the EU, but as the economic picture brightens, new threats emerge. Kremlin’s unprecedented efforts to sow and exacerbate divisions among Europeans, using tools of propaganda, fake news, trolling and other forms of instigation that polarize politics by pitting citizens against each other, have threatened EU’s very foundation and bounced us to be sure that Moscow still views western democracies as a threat and this is where the bloc has an opportunity, which can play a key role in shaping the European dialogue. Russian intervention in Ukraine and the illegal annexation of Crimea already alarmed the union and Brussels tries to respond with a greater expansion, for the reason that the greatest potential for protecting and relaunching the union lies in its foreign policy. The peril is already perceived as a higher degree of unity among the member states, because they became more attentive that deep divisions within the EU are increasingly threatening the values upon which the European project of “ever closer union” is based. Even though, we see a muddle among members that some of them are in a privileged situation and some of them in solidarity among each other, I think ongoing concerns will reassure members once again about the fact that a country’s position would sometimes be overruled in favor of the bloc’s, so the member states will still be willing to preserve the cohesion and its capacity to act as one.

A flexible and fresh multi-tiered EU will solve some short-term problems by bringing its members closer to address specific issues effectively. In 2030, Franco-German tandem will still be unique. They will remain as a center of gravity for the EU decision-making and their weight within the union will be preserved for decades, which on my mind will still lay out the plans for deeper Eurozone integration with some very ambitious objectives, like EU finance minister, but prediction of a future is a gloomy business, even in the best of times and I believe its hopes and fears will always be the two parts of the same coin. As Euro was

seen as the main cause of the current economic burden among some members, confronting the economic intra-societal challenges to the European project will not be easy. When right- leaning parties are also riding high on the wave of populism, there always will be a risk of losing sight for how Franco-German actions will be perceived by other members, especially in a period of economic success, where is a temptation to think that they do everything right and others should simply follow the tandem’s example, but I regard that decade later Cohesion Policy would likely to be still supported to speed up the economies and reduce the backwardness in the bloc’s least favored regions. Meanwhile, I profoundly believe that the mechanism will also defuse Euroscepticism among anti-EU politicians and those who complain that richer countries in western part are propping up those in the east.

What the refugee crisis demonstrated is that investing in the stability and prosperity of western Balkans, means to invest in the security and future of the union. Migration is still the number one concern for many European countries and while for some EU members its nature is more important than the size, it will continue driving political wrangling in 2020’s, to seek balance against this conundrum. If the predictions of increased flows along the Balkan route turn out to be true, reaching an agreement among all member states will become the first priority of the union. Even if there is general support for the ambitions expressed by the EU institutions, enlargement remains politically sensitive in many countries and the processes can be easily hijacked by populist forces. Taking into account that every single amplification has met internal resistance, I am ambivalent about the idea of Balkan enlargement by 2025, for the reason of a number of ongoing disputes among the candidates that could block their own membership, which is strongly backed by Jean Claude Junker’s statement about not importing instability until the border disputes are not closed at every level and the given date is just a discussion of process not the end of the story. Moreover, Russia is unlikely to refrain from expressing its support for the historical ally Serbia and its position about Kosovo. Among all the issues on the table, Kremlin’s wariness about the EU is likely to be the most difficult.

Views from security lens of the EU 2030 can be presented with my personal belief that the progress on military mobility within the EU and the defense integration will be at its best, even though transatlantic relations will still be the cornerstone of European security. The union will remain a force for peace and decade later it will already have the capability to protect European interests with European troops. I suppose, the step taken in this direction with PESCO, will initiate bigger changes and will stimulate European defense efforts, which will represent a substantial step towards stronger European society, fit for the 21st century.

While member states are encouraged to include cyber defense within the framework of the Cooperation, EU’s preparedness to react and build strong Cyber Security Agency, will equip the union with the right tools to deal with large-scale cyber-attacks in a way that allows digital economy to flourish, not garnish with cyber crime. The process will foster great trust in digital technologies and highly contribute to the honorable work of the future European Cyber Security Agency. Generally, EU approach to common security and defense policy have focused on institutional integration, but this move will not be just about tackling the European Union’s internal challenges, but a renewal of its consolidation of views on the global stage. As the EU moves towards an integrated defense policy, one of the key questions to emerge from this process, concerns whether to let non-member states join the pact and the role of countries in the former Soviet bloc. As an entity that makes decisions through consensus, the union requires great cohesion among its citizens and members to pursue effective policies. It was de Tocqueville who recognized, that making democracy work though, would depend on what he called knowledge of how to combine and I believe that any outside involvement in the pact will be of an exceptional nature and the union will emerge stronger from this vision, because the risks of cooperation can be real, but the dangers stemming from a failure to cooperate can be greater. In a deeper sense, it is about building “stronger Europe,” which does not seems to include Martin Schulz’s “United States of Europe” yet, because of some member states position, who is in favor of smaller and decisive steps over grand designs, perhaps due to a fear of one more sudden failure.

European Union is destined to solve the problems through violent spasms. I suppose the consequences of British departure will still be on mind and EU-Turkish cooperation will still be a part of 2030 agenda, as a result of strained relations which could not be built on a solid basis and suffered heavily from differing politico-economic interests and expectations on both sides, not only by not fulfilling the preconditions set by the Association Agreement with Turkey, but also through the human rights violations and high anti-European rhetoric which stands against its possible membership that it did not seek to mitigate in foreseeable future.

In spite of what we see happening in the European Union with its setbacks and milestones, it is easy to imagine any number of scenarios playing out there. However, in my mind, our biggest mistake would be to not view this moment as an opportunity. Relationships between governments are important yes, but relations between people are the real foundation of democracy and I believe, that it is our mission, as pro-Europeans, to help each other to preserve free, democratic and prosperous fellowship. There is a large amount of ideological overlap among EU societies for now and I truly hear their struggles, their concerns, but most of all, I hear their hopes that it is a time for peace, a time to respect the past and embrace the future, a time to hear all voices, for there is nothing worse today than to be unheard, so we should listen to each other and strengthen European identity, because after all, EU 2030 will be a precise reflection of its community 2030.







About Author

This article is written and brought to you by Bacho Chubinidze.




I am a neo expressionist.

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9 ways to be an Inspiring Leader or Manager 





9 ways to be an Inspiring Leader or Manager 

-by  Zara



  1. Bring up any behavioral concerns as early as possible

  You may not be aware that ignoring undesirable behaviors communicates the behavior is allowed. Your team members are more likely to feel respected if you address such issues soon after they become apparent. Without proper addressing of such issues, your team may feel you are not giving them a chance to succeed. 


  1. Praise individual team member’s successes, as well as team successes

  Praise has long been known to be an effective method in teaching and guiding behaviors. However, praise that is not sincere, genuine, based on reality, or given too often will not build your team nor build your respect as a manager. Pay attention to your team members; find strengths that set them apart from the rest of the group. Also, praising team success is equally important and builds group cohesion. 


  1. Believe in the power of failure and mistakes. Profess this power to your team periodically.

Hearing you talk about what can be learned from mistakes and failures lets your team know you do not reject their inevitable human frailties. This method highlights human universalities, making a group more cohesive. Additionally, this technique preps individuals for supervision, when you will need to “correct” behaviors; they are more likely to see such “interviews” as a growing experience knowing you do as well. Managers and Leaders who ascribe to this belief are more likely to resource a high performing team.  Such leaders will be on top of staff “discipline” while making such corrections because they truly believe that in the end, its all for the good of the team. 


  1. Develop your team members’ weaknesses

  Your team will admire you for developing weaknesses; its human nature to want to avoid looking our weaknesses in the face. By addressing such issues you will show strength- as the team leader you are responsible for your team and thus are facing your own weaknesses in a way. 


  1. Get to know your team individually, personally

  Your team members will appreciate you seeing them as an individual. Your awareness of their personal lives will help them to feel valued. Show that to you, each member is more than just what is brought to the table professionally. 


  1. Avoid putting personal needs before professional

Your team looks up to you. Schedule time after work to deal with personal issues. Have a friend you can trust, not one of your subordinates, to talk to personal issues about. This will allow you to vent as needed without destroying any relationships with your team. 


  1. Do not talk or “gossip” about team members

  Gossiping with team members can lead to an entire team distrusting a manager. As you discuss concerns about a particular employee with another team member, they very well may be thinking, What does he/she say about me to the other staff? 


  1. Avoid having a “pet” team member or favorite

  This destroys any group cohesion that you have been working hard to build. Do not make this mistake. Having favorites helps no one, especially not the favorite themselves. 


  1. Trust your Team

  Trust your team in your absence. Paying too much attention to details makes a team feel they are not trusted, and creates a breeding ground for trouble. 

Find out more at 







About Author

This article has been written and brought to you by  Zara.





I am a neo expressionist.

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Steamy Sex Positions to Enjoy with Sex Toys





Steamy Sex Positions to Enjoy with Sex Toys

-by Karan George



Let’s get one thing straight, Sex toys are our friends.

Sex is fun, Sex toys are fun then why not bring them together and have a blast? Some people hesitate that using sex toys might disrupt the intimacy in their bedroom activities. They often believe that using these fleshy things create an energetic wedge and make couples feel disconnected.

But if you ask us, you would rather enjoy in a little threesome with an electronic vibrating friend and your playmate. Nothing could be more intimate and loving than prioritizing your partner’s pleasure above anything that you would go to any length to make them have their most bed-shaking, neighbour-waking and earth-shattering orgasm they could possibly achieve.

In the harsh reality, pleasure is a pleasure no matter what the source is. So start bringing bondage gear and sex toys in your bedroom routine and try these steamy sex positions without getting them in the way of your connection and intimacy.








About Author

This article is written and brought to you by Karan George.




I am a neo expressionist.

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Creating The Perfect Desk & Work Space Lighting of Desk Lamp






Creating The Perfect Desk & Work Space Lighting of Desk Lamp


-by Lauren Burlison



Everyone knows that it can be tough to get your head returned into equipment in the workplace while you’ve had some time to enjoy your self, but how do you keep your self-prompted while your work at home? The key to outstanding productivity is working out how you can create the right environment for paintings at your desk. [Read More]

Now that the youngsters are again to high school, and there may be no more sudden guests making plans to visit for multiple days, there is in no way been a better time to create the home workspace you have been dreaming of eventually.



Whether you have the area for an entire private office, or just a little desk tucked away in a corner, a well-designed paintings region which reflects all the quirks of your persona can pass a protracted manner toward curbing your procrastination and helping to reinforce your productiveness!

This separate area can give you the risk to fashion something new this year, and additionally upload an advanced contact to your own home. Fun meets feature, creating an organized desk will cut out time wasted looking to hunt down desk-bound, books and work notes which means you may calm down prepared and geared up for effective paintings or take a look at a session.

Think approximately mission primarily based lights, desk lamps, and table lamps to help your attention on your work beforehand. Pagazzi, specialists in all things lighting fixtures and interiors, have put together this reachable guide on the way to create the kind of table which facilitates you get into the sector, turning those dreaded closing minute cramming classes right into a component of the past! With our pinnacle tips for styling and some of our favorite products for this sort of space, there may be nothing preventing you.

Add a genuinely private touch to your workspace with creative and reasonably-priced do it yourself presentations like the ones above and ensure to display you cautiously decided on the array of favorite images on or above your table.

Photographs of loved ones and special recollections can make paintings as an outstanding motivator to do your first-rate and are a gentle reminder that the paintings day/observe consultation will cease, and you’ll get to make extra glad reminiscences quickly enough!

This personalization is a splendid manner of making your desk space extra inviting, even though the stack of office work on its miles putting you off!

Get Inspired

Inspiration comes from exceptional places for different human beings. Whether this is costs out of your favored writer, a coffee table e-book to your favorite topic, vinyl statistics of your preferred artist, a scented candle you like.

Or sentimental knick-knacks you’ve got accumulated over time – you need your table to be a place you sense at your most stimulated, so ensure and have these personal motivators on a show! Clutter may be a motivation killer at instances even though. Remember to preserve it easy if you have loads to get thru or like the area to be clear about your creativity.

If you need your home workspace to look like the expert, and as on trend because the rest of your property, consider the mixture of a nice notion out and curated a variety of desk-bound, natural touches like flowers and plant life, and quotes you locate inspiring. Get the mixture proper, and your desk will become an area you may want to spend time at, in place of counting down the hours till you could damage away.

Get Creative with Organisation

The organization is the cornerstone of any green workspace. Knowing where the whole lot will save you bags of time, and help you continue to be targeted at the mission at hand. Experiment with modern storage solutions, particularly if the area is an issue, to make sure you’re getting the maximum out of your desk area.

The last component you want is submit-it notes anywhere, strewn with half-finished snacks and cups of espresso. Take delight in your workspace and ensure the whole lot has its region. It’ll be well worth it – we promise!

Never underestimate the significance of an extraordinary table chair and top assignment-appropriate lighting. A properly-designed table chair can virtually make the difference while settling in for those long paintings hours or essay classes.

Getting up and away from the sofa to sit upright will get you inside the proper frame of mind to install some hard work, and your return will thanks for it too. Hand in hand with an amazing chair is suitable lighting. Overhead lights aren’t always typically appropriate for studying and working under, and placing pressure in your eyes is a short course to a large dip in productiveness and loss of motivation.

Investing in an awesome-excellent, stylish table lamp (one that with a bit of luck enhances your knick-knacks!) is a grand manner to encourage yourself to paintings longer and harder to get the task finished. Natural mild is also hugely critical, so strive if feasible putting your desk somewhere close to a window.

Not handiest will it permit sunlight in – a herbal motivator – however, it offers you the hazard to look out of doors and prevent your self from getting cabin fever (dissertation writers, I’m searching at you!). Share your recommendations for the best workspace and pics of your desks with us on social in your chance to function on our blog!








About Author

This article has been written and brought to you by Lauren Burlison





I am a neo expressionist.

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Amit Bhatnagar Leading India’s Largest Power Equipment Manufacturing Firm




Amit Bhatnagar Leading India’s Largest Power Equipment Manufacturing Firm

-by Kapila



Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd (Dicabs) is one of the largest and fully-integrated transmission and distribution equipment manufacturers in India.

Led by Amit Bhatnagar (Managing Director), the company has a skilled team of the best engineering and management minds, whose cross-domain knowledge has allowed Dicabs to become an industry leader.

Recognizing the country’s growing power needs, Dicabs has evolved as a fully-integrated T&D power portfolio. With the world becoming a global village, the Vadodara-based Dicabs has strengthened its position by developing indigenous capabilities and making strategic acquisitions. As the nation’s growth surged, it emerged as one of the fastest growing cable companies in India.

Over the last four decades the company has delivered over 50,00,000 km of cabling to clients worldwide. It now brings the same technological expertise and a comprehensive range of high quality fire retardant cables.

In addition, Amit Bhatnagar has successfully set up fully-integrated manufacturing units in Gujarat, with in-house facilities for producing products, such as core laminations, wire drawing, strip mill, winding and in-house transformer oil refinery.

Amit Bhatnagar has established Dicabs (Vadodara) on the foundation of quality and excellence. It is one of the most respected names in the power industry with products that include – transmission & distribution conductors, LV power & control cables, HV & EHV Cables, power & distribution transformers and transmission towers and EPC contracts.

Expertise gained with over four decades of experience in a dynamic industrial environment, enables the company to deliver cables that deliver superior performance. These cables carry the assurance of the internationally-approved quality and reliability.

The company lays quality on utmost priority, with stringent quality systems and measures at every stage of the manufacturing process. The entire range of products quality-tested and hailed by leading organizations which include:

  • Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore
  • Electrical Research and Development Association, Vadodara
  • TAG Corporation, Chennai
  • Testing Laboratory e. Bureau of Indian Standards Labs

Diamond Power cables deliver power that the country counts on. We leverage our CCV method of manufacturing, coupled with German technology, to deliver world-class power transmission products. What’s more, we offer a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects-a first o f its kind assurance that builds confidence and trust.

Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd powers India’s growth by becoming the nation’s power transmission and distribution superpower. Through strategic expansion and green-field projects, the company has developed indigenous capabilities, building one of the finest manufacturing facilities for cables, conductors, transformers and transmission towers.







About Author

This article has been written and brought to you by Kapila.





I am a neo expressionist.