Rohingya Plight

Bangladesh feels isolated in helping Rohingya

Climate Change:Reality Or Myth?

The Paris agreement was implemented as a collective global response to climate change,with a noble aim to reduce emissions.

Mountain Bikes Stems – How to Shop for Them

Mountain bike stems are usually shorter than the stems of the racing bikes. The length of the bike’stem affects the bike’s responsiveness. The shorter mountain bike stems react quickly while the longer mountain bike stems respond slowly.Check best mountain bike under your budget.

Visualize your Weight Loss Diet as a War with your Body

Dieting continues to be hard path to lose weight and a self-imposed starvation torment exercise. Worst yet, even when a person battles hard and manages to get rid of few pounds, the lost weight comes entirely back after the diet is over. Why is this?

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Looking for a spoken english learning center in India? Consider Raj Spoken English Coaching class in Bhilai. Here is why.