Justification Of US Military Intervention In Cuba

A CIA declassified document justifying US military intervention in Cuba.
This is not wikileaks. This is declassified. Know how intelligence agencies works.

Your Ultimate Productivity Checklist: Helping You Find The Way

You have to properly organize your time and activities so that you don’t end up lost in the tide, paddling to keep yourself above water. But how do you become more productive, and what can be done to eliminate some of those strains in your life that pull you down? Even organizing your life might just seem like more work at this point, which is the last thing you may think you need.

তার চেয়ে অনেক আরো

A great short poem by contemporary promising Bengali poet Sreya Dutta, hailing from Kolkata, India

How To Tackle People Around You

Want to know the nature of people around you? Want to tackle them efficiently?
Learn what and how by reading these fables. The human mind is revealed here…

What Is Karma? What Is Its Consequences?

All knowledge, therefore, secular or spiritual, is in the human mind. In many cases it is not discovered, but remains covered, and when the covering is being slowly taken off, we say, “We are learning,” and the advance of knowledge is made by the advance of this process of uncovering.
What is duty after all? It is really the impulsion of the flesh, of our attachment; and when an attachment has become established, we call it duty.